Omnitech provides custom software solutions to businesses in South Dakota and surrounding states.

Omnitech started in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1998 with a mission to provide a local option for software engineering solutions. Since then, we have expanded our reach nationally while still maintaining our relationships centered on honesty, integrity, and quality. Over the last twenty years, we have evolved to best serve our clients’ needs based on technology trends and enhanced our engineering capabilities to include data, DevOps, business analytics, and SharePoint.

Opening a Rapid City, South Dakota office in 2018 allowed Omnitech to provide full coverage across the state and increased interaction with students from the South Dakota Mines. This close relationship with SD Mines and other state universities has helped us fine-tune our multi-year internship program and foster strong engineering talent in the state.

Omnitech Culture

We know what’s important: family, healthy relationships, and a well-balanced work life. If you’d like to learn more and dig deeper into our company culture, check our Life page.

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Our Omnitech culture centers on an eagerness to learn, humility, and a passion for solving complex problems. Our engineers strive to develop data and software solutions that help provide long term solutions to strategic questions.