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Omnitech History

Letting Our History Lead

Omnitech is an engineering firm specializing in data and software. Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we consult on software and data engineering solutions throughout the Midwest region. Our strategy continues to be the regional partner who can bring value from technology, which allows us to build and retain strategic talent in our region.

Our History

Omnitech began in 1998 to answer an existing and growing demand for high-end software technology solutions in the Sioux Falls area and companies did not exist locally to meet that demand. Subsequently, these projects and technology budgets were being awarded to technology providers outside our area. The purpose for Omnitech was to build a company that was able to provide world-class engineering solutions to meet local needs. We did this by making Omnitech a company with a learning culture where people take care of each other and want to come to work every day. That culture is anchored in our core values, as well as a culture that is centered around helping people be successful. We are in the people business, but we bring technology expertise to every relationship.

Relationships are Priority

Our philosophy at Omnitech has always been to approach every relationship with honesty and integrity. Moreover, our focus remains on the people we are helping, not just the problems we are solving. We can apply the best possible technology to a given problem, but if we do not take the time to understand and know the people we are working with, then we fail at being the company we want to be. Then our services become a commodity and we become interchangeable with any other technology company that could be chosen.

We can never become a commodity. If we do, we have failed. That also reflects our approach to implementing technology for our customers. We view technology as an investment that, when properly made, helps our customers thrive and grow. It is important to us, therefore, that the companies we work with have the same philosophy toward technology. Companies that we are likely to build long lasting and successful relationships with view technology as an investment into their businesses, not just an expense that has to be endured.

Inspiring Technology Advancement in the Midwest

We recognize that to provide the level of expertise our clients deserve; we need to be the leader in understanding technology across many platforms. In our culture, learning and mentoring are encouraged through continuing education, team collaboration, and taking part in advancing technology in our community. Since the beginning, our focus has been on providing local businesses the option to keep their investments in their community. We understand that we can help our community by providing young people with the resources and inspiration to fall in love with the technology field without having to leave our area.

Our Values

At Omnitech, we believe that by exercising our values daily and building an environment that supports these values, we will be enriched beyond success in our careers and client engagements.

We are in the people business – we help people be successful by leveraging our technology expertise. However, there are many technology providers for our customers to choose. We distinguish ourselves by not what we do, but how we do it.

Honesty & Integrity

At the core of our approach is a set of values that is inherent to our company culture. We build every relationship on honesty and integrity. We promise our customers that they can count on that from us, and we, in turn, expect the same thing from them. This has proven successful in building and maintaining long-standing elationships with our customers and our team.

The same honest, reliable, efficient and ethical relationship that we anticipate with our clients is reflected in the relationship we have with our team members. These are the core values that support the Omnitech company culture because we talk about them daily and view every interaction through the lens of upholding these values.

Respect & Humility

In addition to our foundation of honesty and integrity, we strive to treat our clients and teammates with respect and humility. As a part of the learning culture, we know that questions and feedback are cornerstones to growth and we accept these with respect and the humility necessary to keep learning.

Servant & Love

We believe that the best leadership comes from helping others along their path – teammates, clients and our community. We view our relationships through the lens of how we can best serve our people. By focusing on listening, mentoring, and respectful dialog, we strive to inspire loyalty through our everyday collaborations.

How we can serve our community is a question we ask daily. Whether volunteering or supporting technology culture through avenues such as Lego League and Code Camp, our team is engaged with improving the technology outlook in our community.

Credible & Trusted

Omnitech has almost twenty years of experience helping businesses plan their journey for long-term growth by providing the best technology investments for their individual circumstances. With our philosophy grounded in strong relationships, we earn trust from our clients through providing consistent results.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team is credible and trusted to provide results while also mentoring others on their journey. This continuous circle of mentorship and learning supports all aspects of our company culture.

Confidential & Hardworking

Midwestern work ethic is felt throughout Omnitech. We started from scratch and built this business by providing consistent results through hard work, ethical practices, and honest communications.

Our clients’ information is treated with the utmost respect, and we understand the significance when clients share their information with us. We can be counted on to protect their privacy and use discretion when handling confidential information.

Technology is fast-paced and ever-changing. For these reasons, many companies are intimidated by and fearful of it. They need technology to thrive and dominate over their competition. Faced with the ultimatum of accepting technology advancement or losing the edge over their competitors, companies need to have a partner that they can trust – a partner that is reliable, honest, efficient and ethical. In Omnitech, they find that partner.